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by Dorothy Parker

The Playful flapper here we see,
The fairest of the fair.
She's not what Grandma used to be, --
You might say, au contraire.
Her girlish ways may make a stir,
Her manners cause a scene,
But there is no more harm in her
Than in a submarine.

She nightly knocks for many a goal
The usual dancing men.
Her speed is great, but her control
Is something else again.
All spotlights focus on her pranks.
All tongues her prowess herald.
For which she well may render thanks
To God and Scott Fitzgerald.

Her golden rule is plain enough -
Just get them young and treat them

This community is for those of you who enjoy or want to learn more about the 1920's.

oo1: Fill out the application. Put it behind an lj-cut, for crying out loud, and please post 3-5 pictures, black and whites allowed. (Sheesh, I recommend them.)
oo2: Don't act any less than a lady/gentlemen would. This means no cussing like poetry, or even acting like an immature child.
oo3: No labeling. There was no "I'm a punk" this or "She's a goth" that. Grow-up. If you want one of those communities, go find one. This is about the 1920's, not some 1990's label.
oo4: No younger than fourteen. Ladies may have married at fourteen and fifteen during those times, but it seems give or take half a century that nowadays our fourteen year olds are immature and troublesome. I may bend the rule, by talking to you, seeing if you can form a coherent sentence or not, and if I get the right vibe, I'll allow as young as 12.

oo1: Name and age?
oo2: What is your favorite thing about the 1920's?
oo3: What is your favorite black and white (movie) from the 1920's?
oo4: Who is your favorite actress or actor, or even both, from the 1920's?
oo5: Who was the best singer, in your opinion, of the 1920's?
oo6: Why do you want to join the community?
oo7: What do you feel you'll bring to this community?
oo8: Is there something you feel we left out of the interests that you feel impacted the 1920's strongly that is not listed?
oo9 Name one fact about you we should know.