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"The Stuff I Find At Work" Dept.:

Surely that workman afixing lights to their home wasn't watching her with the mistletoe through the window...

One little sprig couldn't hurt...

Copied from the December 15th, 1923 issue of MACLEANS magazine, this ad for the HARVEY KNITTING COMPANY, Ltd. of Woodstock, Ontario (facing the page shown previously).

Canadian Jazz Age Undies -Part the Second

The copy under the headline reads:

"Just you try and think of something more acceptable to any woman than a box of beautiful,lusterous, finely-made Harvey silk hosery with pointed heel.

The superb ankle-fit, the soft silken shimmer of the pure silk used in the manufacture of these wonderful hose and the delightfully smart colors combine to make them the most acceptable of gifts.

Then, too, you can absolutely rely upon their quality and style, because they are Harvey made. Ask any reliable dealer about Harvey products -- hosery or underwear -- his answer is your guarantee.

A single pair or a half-dozen pairs, will be most acceptable to any woman. Make Harvey Hosery your gift this Christmas. They are sure to please.

If your dealer does not sell Harvey Hosery, write us direct, giving his name."

When was the last time you saw that much copy in an ad assuring the *potential* purchaser of their quality?

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