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oo1: Name and age?
- I am Odette Veil, age 17.

oo2: What is your favorite thing about the 1920's?
- I love the fashion [the flapper fashion, powdered noses, low waistline dresses, bob hair and finger curls, etc], the films, the uprising of fine young women with a deal of individualism, the soothing jazz music...etc. ooh I also love the charleston, though I myself haven't the talent to dance it.

oo3: What is your favorite black and white (movie) from the 1920's?
- Though I have many favorites, currently I'd have to say 'Daddy-Long-Legs' starring Mary Pickford

oo4: Who is your favorite actress or actor, or even both, from the 1920's?
- again, I have many: louise brooks, clara bow, greta garbo, mary pickford, charlie chaplin, lon chaney, harold lloyd...etc

oo5: Who was the best singer, in your opinion, of the 1920's?
- absolutely Annette Hanshaw!

oo6: Why do you want to join the community?
- I'd like to join because I adore the 1920s and try dearly to model my life after gals of the golden age. I'd very much to make friends with similar tastes.

oo7: What do you feel you'll bring to this community?
- I'd hope to bring some good conversation and perhaps topics of fine interest.

oo8: Is there something you feel we left out of the interests that you feel impacted the 1920's strongly that is not listed?
- oh, I think you did well with the application itself.

oo9 Name one fact about you we should know
- I tend to address people by pet names. If this annoys you, don't hesitate to ask me to stop.

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